There are few things that are as engaging and stimulating as watching a play together. Romance as a genre is always fresh, love is a concept that is never exploited enough. So if you were to be told that there are some enchanting plays that could fill you and your partner with awe, mesmerize you throughout and give you something to think about, would you not grab the opportunity? We bring to you this set of plays that will tug at your heartstrings just the right way.


Love Letters

Directed by Rahul DaCunha

Image Source: Rage Productions

Written by R Gurney, this play reminds audiences of the old-school lovin’ that only handwritten letters and nostalgia can invoke. Performed by Rajit Kapur and Shernaz Patel, it narrates the interspersed stories of two childhood friends through love, life and missed opportunities. Enacted through words both written and unsaid, it takes you on a journey full of emotions, wit and delight.



Written by Manav Kaul

Source: aRANYA

Set in a small town in India, the two main characters- Sudhir and Aarti explore their feelings to decide if they wish to be in love or not! The play talks about a new dimension of love, and the sense of ownership that comes with it. It is one of the few stories that presents a romantic relationship and its desires from a female standpoint.


Piya Behrupiya

Directed by Atul Kumar


A world class production and one of the most widely performed plays in India, this is a desi adaption of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Olivia, Duke Orsino and Cesario are reborn in this tale of unrequited love and unbridled chaos. Soaked in local flavour, this nautanki styled musical will leave you mesmerized, amused and craving for more.


Dohri Zindagi

Directed by Gurleen Judge


Written by Vijaydan Detha, this is an incredible story about same sex love back in the eighties. Performed by Neha Singh and Bhumika Dube, this two-woman act is unabashed, bold and explicit. Pushing the envelope, a play on love this strong and engaging has never made progressive theatre look so good.



Directed by Bruce Guthrie


This is an interesting combination of particle physics and romantic possibilities that merge to create a modern love story. Jim Sarbh and Mansi Multani take stage and travel through different universes as Roland and Marianne. Along with them you experience multiverses and all the probabilities of a fascinating romance!


A Friend’s Story

Directed by Akash Khurana


This unconventional play by Vijay Tendulkar, set in pre-independent Pune, touches sensitive areas that are still a taboo. The story of Sumitra, Bapu and Nama provides equal parts intrigue, humour, and the challenges of sexuality as we know it. The play is bold and captures human vulnerability in a beautiful manner whilst raising questions about the perception love.


Dear Liar

Written by Jerome Kilty


This play is about the tender love affair between the playwright George Bernard Shaw and Mrs Patrick Campbell. Directed by Satyadev Dubey, actors Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak take you back in time through secret love letters. Their stellar performances gives you glimpses of the English and American societies -that are romantic, charming and euphoric.


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