A piece of art is never just art. Its a direct reflection or result of what’s happening in our
society. And though decriminalization of homosexuality was one of the most pivotal legal
achievements of our country, there is lot that still needs to be achieved through steady acceptance and openness about matters attached to sexuality.

Love is Love. And the following plays give us an insight into plethora of emotions around gender, identity and sexuality whilst challenging the norm and forcing us to look harder.


by FATS Thearts

Source- NCPA

Here comes a fascinating story about the first trans-characters in mythology. Based on the character from the Mahabharata, the comic retelling mixes traditional Indian storytelling with English verses to create an impact. The play questions gender, sexuality, male, female and everything in-between. The energetic group of actors use words and acrobatics to dismantle our prejudices.


The Gentlemen’s Club

by The Patchwork Ensemble

Source- Gaysi Family

This play will give you dollops of joy and knowledge about the thriving underground drag-club
scene of Bombay without being preachy. Welcome to the world of drag kings, where women dress up as men and perform throughout the city. From vulnerability to panache, The Gentlemen’s Club has everything it takes to push the envelope and create a dialogue.



by Mandeep Raikhy

Source- Queen Size FB

A contemporary dance-drama that makes you sit up and wonder. It is bold, it is intimate and truly powerful. Queen Size takes you into the personal space of two queer men making you question the norms in Indian context. The play makes us look at intimacy as a language and the brilliant performances keep you engaged.


Dohri Zindagi

by Play On Productions

Source- Dohri Zindagi FB

From homophobia to intolerance, the echoed laments of our society find a voice in this two-women act. What happens when two people have their fate decided before their birth? The role of gender, when it comes to love is non-existent. And this brilliant production goes to show just that. The play has been called risky but it is the explicit nature and boldness that truly delivers the message home.


Ek Madhav Baug

by Chetan Datar

Source- Facebook

This soul stirring play narrates the sensitive tale of a mother discovering her son’s homosexuality. Its a complete gamut of emotions that shake you and make you empathize all at once. This thoroughly engaging mono act portrayed by Rama Joshi is one of the finest performances the stage has seen. One that has addressed key taboo topics that our relevant in our current scenario.



by Asmita Theatre Group

Source- Asmita Theatre Group

Portrayed by Kakoli Gaur this solo act narrates the hopes, fears and desires of a young girl who feels for the same sex. As she courses through, this coming of age tale is both emotionally volatile and expressive. It aims to spread the message of hope whilst also creating awareness about different sexual identities.


6 Plays Celebrating Sexuality and Gender | Break a Leg!

We all know that #Section377 of the Indian Penal Code is regressive and needs to be taken away! But what needs to stay are these #plays that celebrate sexuality and gender 🙂 No matter what the Supreme Court decides, look out for these plays, watch them and watch them again!! #HappyPride #fortheatreoftheatrebytheatre FATS Thearts The Patchworks Ensemble Queen-size Dohri Zindagi Ek Madhav Baug Asmita Theatre Group India Culture Lab Humsafar Trust Gaysi Family Queerala Queerty HuffPost Queer Voices KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival Mukti Mohan Arvind Gaur Fifty Shades Of Gay

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