Break a Leg! aims to bridge the gap between the artist and audience by enabling discovery and elevating the brand equity of theatre. 

From end-to-end campaigns to bespoke services, our offerings promote theatre to a larger audience base. We create digital content to spread more theatre love, and over the years have produced and created mini-documentaries, festival after-films, play trailers, video articles and #MuchManchMore!

We also provide a wide gamut of solutions that enable tangible audience development and engagement. Through unique experiences, recommendations, and publication we are fostering a newer generation of theatre-goers that is all inclusive. 


Our objective is to create a rift in the ocean of entertainment that recognizes and relishes the magic of theatre. We want to make it more accessible for everybody to enjoy and learn from.  After all, a good story belongs to everyone! 


Reach us at and lets talk theatre.